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Pension Martin

Welcome to Pension MARTIN PRAHA.

We are glad to invite you to spend some pleasant days in one of most beatiful Prague quarters. Bílá Hora combines Czech history and calm of the Royal park with amazing attainability of Prague center and the Praha-Ryzně airport as well.

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Except of common controlls you will find there our new onilne reservation system. This system can count the total price of your stay and then make an advance reservation for your rooms. Please fill in number of rooms and persons in order to make then reservation unequivocal.

If you make a reservation and try to send it once more just to be sure, your rooms are not in our offer anymore, so it is possible the system will not let you make the reservation again.

You will receive an email about delivered reservation. If there are no free rooms for your period, please contact us. We usually manage to satisfy all of our customers.

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Golden lane, Deer moat

A part of Prague castle is also the Golden lane. This small street is a relic of original housing. The houses are built in the bulwark of the castle, particularly in the archs of the rampart. Thanks to its size and a fairytale look is Golden lane unforgettable for all visits it.. At the other side of the rampart would you find Deer moat that originally worked as a part of the castle defense system. Rudolf II. Ordered to grow the deer and from this moment it became a garden that allows you to relax in calm.


Royal folly, Singing fountain

The Royal fully was built in 1563 and is the purest example of Italian renaissance architecture outside Italy. It is places in one of many Prague castel´s gardens. The best one to use it was allegedly Rudolfem II. who established here an observatory where worked stars like Tycho de Brahe and Johannes Kepler. In the garden in a front of the building will you find a Singing fountain that is supposed to bewitch every passer-by.


Prague restaurants, Czech beer

After a day spent with sightseeing will you appreciate a rest in one of renowned Prague pubs. The beer that Czechs can brew best in the in whole universe is sometimes for tourists disproportionately expensive. In spite of it can you comonly find restaurants that offers – even in center – 0,5l large mug of Pilsner Urquell between 25 and 35 Kč. If we were to recommend you 3 restaurants where we returned, it would be:

Restaurace U Parlamentu, Valentinská 8, Praha 1

U Nováka, V Jirchářích 2, Praha 1

Restaurace U Vejvodů, Jilská 4, Praha 1